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ISBN 9781486015528

Author/Module Code: FAIGLEY

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The Little Penguin Handbook: Australasian edition 3e is a handy full-colour reference guide that gives students just what they need to know about the writing and research processes, while providing coverage of documentation and grammar. It offers student-friendly features and includes coverage of the most current Harvard, APA, MLA and CMS citation, documentation and style guidelines. Associate Lecturer and Professional Writing Consultant Angela Shetler, from University of Sydney, has reviewed and further adapted the book specifically for the Australasian context. Angela’s expertise has ensured the handbook reflects the needs of Australasian students.

Lester Faigley understands how students learn best. He believes that students learn best when they can find the information that they need in a handbook without being overwhelmed by detail. To accomplish this goal: The design of The Little Penguin Handbook makes important information stand out visually and verbally, thus inviting students to browse the book for answers and advice. Complicated processes are broken down into clear, simple steps. New ideas and terms are presented in clear and accessible language. Comprehensive, cutting-edge treatment of research includes thorough coverage of plagiarism and integrating sources. The Little Penguin Handbook was the first very brief handbook to offer visual ‘source samples’ for documentation. Grammar and style issues are covered in practical, accessible language in ‘Common Errors’ boxes–a key at the back of the book and boxes throughout the book make it easy for student writers to find guidance on the most common errors. Each box addresses a specific error with information on how to recognise, understand and correct it.

New sections added: Part 1: 2c New Become a Critical Thinker and Writer Part 3: 14a New Harvard Documentation Map US images and examples further adapted with local examples: Part 1: 2b Max Dupain photograph and analysis Part 1: 6b Sample of rhetorical analysis - Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech Part 1: 6bc Sample of a case study - Compulsory Cycle Legislation in Victoria Part 1: 6e Sample of an exam essay - Australian History Part 2: 8d Battle of Gettysburg replaced with example of Anzac day Part 3:12c Example of African Diaspora passage replaced with history of gambling in Australia Part 3: 13b US example replaced with Australian example of Prime Minister John Curtin Part 3: 14 Harvard referencing section moved here. US examples replaced with Australian examples throughout section Part 4: 18b US example replaced with Australian one - Olympian, Sally Pearson

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