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ISBN 9781305271555

Author/Module Code: KALAT

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Jim Kalat�s best-selling INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY takes an "evaluate the evidence" approach that features a friendly writing style, hands-on "Try It Yourself" activities, and helpful visuals to invite students to engage in the experience of learning psychology. The modular organization breaks each chapter into meaningful "chunks" for structuring learning. Content is seamless, with nothing relegated to the margins or separated in boxes. "What�s the Evidence" coverage reviews real studies, encouraging students to ask questions like, "Does the evidence really support the conclusion?" The Eleventh Edition draws on the latest research and literature to teach students how to separate the plausible from the scientifically demonstrable in the psychology classroom and beyond it. Instructor resources include an author-written test bank, ensuring high-quality, and accurate multiple-choice questions for assessment. 1. What Is Psychology? 2. Scientific Methods in Psychology. 3. Biological Psychology. 4. Sensation and Perception. 5. Development. 6. Learning. 7. Memory. 8. Cognition and Language. 9. Intelligence. 10. Consciousness. 11. Motivated Behaviors. 12. Emotions, Stress, and Health. 13. Social Psychology. 14. Personalities. 15. Abnormal Psychology: Disorders and Treatment.

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