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ISBN 9780729542272


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The only text in the market written specifically for Diploma of Nursing students in Australia and New Zealand. Written by Gabrielle Koutoukidis, Kate Stainton and Jodie Hughson, Tabbner�s Nursing Care: Theory and Practice, 7th edition, provides a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and skills for nursing students embarking on an Enrolled Nurse career. Reflecting the current issues and scope of practice for Enrolled Nurses in Australia, this new edition focuses on the delivery of person-centred care, emphasises critical thinking throughout and demonstrates the application of the decision-making framework across multiple scenarios. Two new chapters: Nursing informatics and technology in healthcare Quality and safety in healthcare 83 Clinical Skills aligned with the new 2016 Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia Enrolled Nurse (EN) Standards for Practice to help you understand the skill and translate it into effective clinical practice Exercises on the decision-making framework for the EN Examples of progress notes and nursing care plan documentation Aligned to the most recent Diploma of Nursing training package HLT51612 Supported by a NEW companion skills workbook: 9780729542357 Essential Enrolled Nursing Skills for Person-Centred Care Table of Contents: Unit 1 - The evolution of the nursing profession 1. Nursing: the evolution of a profession 2. Professional nursing practice: legal and ethical frameworks 3. Nursing research and evidence-based practice Unit 2 The contemporary healthcare environment 4. Australia�s healthcare delivery system 5. Nursing informatics and technology in healthcare NEW! 6. Understanding and promoting health 7. Quality and safety in healthcare NEW! 8. Communication and nursing practice 9. Models of nursing care, management and leadership Unit 3 - Health beliefs, cultural diversity and safety 10. Cultural competence and safety 11. Australian Indigenous health Unit 4 - Nursing care throughout the life span 12. Nursing care across the lifespan: conception to late childhood 13. Nursing care across the lifespan: late childhood to adolescence 14. Nursing care across the lifespan: younger adulthood to middle adulthood 15. Nursing care across the lifespan: older adult Unit 5 - Critical thinking and reflective practice 16. Critical thinking, problem-based learning and reflective practice in nursing care 17. Nursing process: Framework 18. Health information: nursing documentation and clinical handover Unit 6 - Health Assessment 19. Health assessment frameworks: initial and ongoing 20. Vital sign assessment 21. Admission, transfer and discharge process Unit 7 - Basic health care needs 22. Infection prevention and control 23. Maintenance of health: hygiene and comfort care 24. Medication administration and monitoring Unit 8 - Health promotion and psychosocial and physiological nursing care 25. Nursing care of an individual: cardiovascular and respiratory 26. Nursing care of an individual: fluid and electrolyte homeostasis 27. Promotion of health and wellbeing: rest and sleep 28. Promotion of health and wellbeing: movement and exercise 29. Maintaining and promoting skin integrity and wound care 30. Promotion of health and wellbeing: nutrition 31. Nursing care: urinary elimination and continence 32. Nursing care: bowel elimination and continence 33. Nursing assessment and management of pain 34. Nursing assessment and management of safety sensory health 35. Nursing assessment and management of neurological health 36. Nursing assessment and management of endocrine health 37. Nursing assessment and management of reproductive health Unit 9 - Healthcare in specialised practice areas 38. Nursing care in palliation 39. Mental health and mental illness 40. Nursing care in rehabilitation 41. Nursing care: chronic illness and disability 42. Nursing in the acute care environment 43. Nursing in the perioperative care environment 44. Nursing in the emergency care environment 45. Nursing care: maternal and newborn 46. Nursing in the community 47. Nursing care in rural and remote areas

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